Textile Base Info

July 2014,

Showcasing how historical archives can be utilized to influence the next generation of design, Textile Hive is proud to release "Base." a resource from their digital application exploring textile knowledge and culture through the Andrea Aranow Textile Design Collection.

Assembled by renowned fashion designer and textile scholar Andrea Aranow, the collection of over 40,000 textiles has served as a vital source of inspiration for fashion and interior designers globally for over two decades.

Textile Hive Base was developed by Visual Archiving as a collaboration between Textile Hive founder Caleb Sayan, with the help of film maker Andy Chandler and noted textile scholar Annin Barrett.

Launching with an initial series of eight subjects, Textile Hive plans to expand the base to over 400 topics illustrated with rich videos, images and authoritative definitions licensed from Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles.

The goal of Textile Hive Base is to create an engaging resource for designers, educators, and students, helping contextualize the rich history, intricate techniques and exquisite textiles found in the collection. We'd love your feedback and if you are a textile historian, scholar or enthusiast with textile knowledge you would like to share please get in touch.

About Textile Hive:

Textile Hive was founded to engage and preserve the rich history, intricate techniques, and stunning visual beauty of the Andrea Aranow Textile Design Collection. Comprised of over 40,000 textiles spanning fifty countries, Textile Hive enables a wider conversation around textiles globally through immersive physical and digital experiences.

Designed and built by Visual Archiving in Portland, Oregon